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Thank you for contacting Murat Uzman Photography.

We provide full-service photography and video coverage with a wide range of professional equipment in our arsenal from high-end cameras to portable studio lighting. But our real asset is the artistic talent and know-how to deliver beyond expectations of our clients. We differentiate ourselves from the crowd by providing value-added professional and artistic culling, editing, retouching, color correcting each and every picture delivered, and producing broadcast quality video using multiple cameras covering the dance from different angles. The extra footage we collect during Arangetam is then put together with artistic cuts and titles, giving you an enhanced viewing experience.

The quality of our work is directly correlated to the amount of time and effort we spend behind the scenes during post processing. A typical Arangetram requires 3 or 4-person crew to capture the event, plus 50+ hours in post processing after the event. No one else places as much emphasis as we do to bring the best out of your daughter’s Arangetram performance.

The following packages are available to choose from:

Standard Package - $1490

Brochure portrait session at your home or other suitable location.

Usually a 2-hour session. However, if it exceeds to get that perfect shot, it's no problem. We do not charge hourly overage fees. It is about art; not labor.

o You or the Guru will choose 20 images from this session as deliverable.

o If the pictures from this session are to be used for brochures, it is best they are captured in front of a chromakey green backdrop, which I offer at no additional cost. This may help an experienced graphic designer to incorporate pictures in brochure design. (Note that no background removal is included in the Standard Package. It can be separately purchased for $25 per image. Upgrade to Gold Package for best value.)

Photography coverage during Arangetram

o Coverage from start to finish (whenever that may be). Not timed, so no hourly overage charges. Just relax and enjoy your daughter's solo with no time pressure.

o The coverage includes back stage preparations, decorations/details, greetings, puja, dance performance, and reception as applicable.

o Professional editing of all pictures delivered. I want to underline that we do not hand over the memory card from the camera. Every picture you receive will get the highest quality editing.

Videography coverage during Arangetram

o Coverage of the dance performance and speeches on stage with 2 cameras centrally located.

o Use of professional sound recording and mixing.

o The video segments will be edited in post-production to best utilize footage from multiple cameras/focal lengths. This is the most demanding (time and talent) yet most value-added part of this offering.


o High-Definition digital video of the performance on stage. The video is delivered digitally as an mp4 file (i.e. no DVD or any other media; see upgraded packages for other delivery methods.)

o Pictures will be provided to you through a dedicated web gallery with your own passwords. The gallery allows your family and friends to see the pictures effortlessly via the "access" password.  A separate "download" password is provided for you to download full resolution pictures.

Optional Chromagreen Backdrop

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Gold Package - $1690

Everything in the Standard Package with the following add-ons to enhance your experience:

o Video coverage using 3 cameras. In this package the cameras are positioned at different angles which allows us to capture the dance moves without losing expressions no matter which direction is the action. The resulting edited video provides a whole new viewing experience than what you had experienced during the live performance.

40 images from the brochure session will be delivered (as opposed to 20 in Standard Package).

Precise professional background removal of 4 images selected by the Client or the Guru which can be used in invitations or the brochure. Additional background removals can be purchased at $25 per image.

One professional composite image (i.e. selected image will have background replaced with a suitable stock image.) Additional composite images can be purchased at $60 each. Great for use as display during Arangetram (digital file only).

A 2-DVD set in a top of the line custom-designed DVD case. Additional video processing and DVD authoring will be necessary to create the DVD with menus, navigations, chapter marks, etc.

Three-camera example

Custom Designed DVD

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Composite Example

Platinum Package - $1990

Everything in the Gold Package with the following additions:

A 5 to 8-minute highlights reel. This is a music video summing up your entire Arangetram adventure covering behind the scenes preparations (the brochure session, green room, decorations) as well as highlights from intermission, guests arriving, dining etc. synced to the beats of the music.  It also includes highlights from the dances performed.  This is the video that you will keep watching and show to your friends and guests or share in YouTube.

The Highlights Reel is a high-value offering, but also requires a large effort to produce.  For ultimate experience, we use high-end camera stabilizers and, if conditions allow, take aerial footage using drones.

Please note that this product is only available with the Platinum Package and needs to be committed up-front so that additional video footage can be captured starting with the initial brochure photo session.

This package replaces the DVD with a luxurious wood or slide photo box containing up to ten 5x7 size matted prints from the Arangetram performance and a large capacity custom USB drive (wood or acrylic) containing the High Definition video.

Custom USB+Photo Box Examples

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The following products can be added to any package. They are offered at 10% discount to the Arangetram clients.

PhotoShelfie - $198 (regularly $220): 3-8x10 metal panels on wooden base.

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Wall Art - $340 (regularly $377): 1-20x30,4-8x8 connected metal panels. Inquire about 20 more combinations and sizes.

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Please note all prices are subject to an additional 7% Allegheny County Sales Tax.

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